The history of the site

The former factory site, now known as the Schuler-Areal, dates back to 1866 and has had a very eventful history.

Johannes Michael Schatz initially set up a workshop there. When his son Heinrich Schatz inherited it in 1866, he went on to enlarge it and founded a company manufacturing chain stitch embroidery machines. A few years later, production switched to smaller machines for sheet metal processing.

In 1898, shortly before the turn of the century, the firm became a public limited company (Maschinenfabrik Weingarten AG). It gradually evolved into a large and successful machine factory, right up until the outbreak of World War I in 1914. The company was a major player in the world market during the interwar period, but the company’s fortunes took a downturn at the end of World War II when the Allies dismantled the plant. Following a fresh start and the reconstruction of the plant, the company enjoyed a rapid boom with large presses for the automotive industry.

After a merger with Müller Pressen- und Maschinenfabrik Esslingen in 1982 and the takeover by Schuler AG in 2007, large plots of land on the site were sold to the i+R Group in 2016. Since 2022, following the takeover by BUWOG, a new residential district has been under construction in the heart of Weingarten.

Geschichte der Martinshöfe


Company founded by Heinrich Schatz to manufacture chain stitch embroidery machines 


Production switches to sheet metal processing 


Company becomes Maschinenfabrik Weingarten AG.

Maschinenfabrik Weingarten
Historical sign: Maschinenfabrik Weingarten


The workforce grows to 380 employees.


The workforce grows rapidly to 710 employees.


Construction of large mechanical presses.


Dismantling of the plant by the British and Americans in 1958, followed by reconstruction to create large presses for the automotive industry.


Merger with Müller Pressen- und Maschinenfabrik Esslingen to form Müller Weingarten.


Subsidiary founded in the USA.


Takeover by Schuler AG, based in Göppingen


Job cuts in Weingarten


Large plots of land on the Schuler Süd site are sold to i+R


Creation of the structural concept Weingarten Municipal Council and urban planning tender held by i+R


Development planning decision for Martinshöfe


Negotiation of the urban development contract and decision on the concepts


Statutory resolution on the development plan for Martinshöfe


Sale of the site; BUWOG takeover from the i+R Group


Submission of approval planning for construction sites A+B

BUWOG Martinshöfe - Visualisierung
Looking to the future: how the Martinshöfe will look (visualization only)