Environmental sustainability

Nachhaltigkeit Erde Klimaschutz

Martinshöfe – green and sustainable

Building and living in harmony with nature. We care deeply about environmental sustainability. When developing districts, we strive to use resources sparingly and in an environmentally friendly manner and to ensure an efficient energy supply.

Green electricity with solar energy systems

Photovoltaic systems are crucial in ensuring a sustainable and climate-neutral energy supply. Solar modules installed on the roofs will use solar power to generate green electricity, which will be used in the district itself.

Heat supplied with geothermal energy

BUWOG is planning to heat the neighborhood largely via climate-friendly geothermal energy, thus avoiding fossil fuels. Probes will be installed in the ground to extract geothermal heat from deep within the earth. This thermal energy will then be brought up to the required temperature with efficient heat pumps. The electricity that the heat pumps need is provided by the photovoltaic systems in the neighborhood.
BUWOG Martinshöfe - Glücklich wohnen in Weingarten

Green roofs – a coup for the climate

Extensive roof greening allows rainwater to be stored on the roofs and fed back into the natural water cycle through evaporation. A great side effect of this is that in summer, evaporation provides cooling and improves the microclimate. There are also communal green roof terraces with plant troughs and insect habitats, which increase biodiversity within the neighborhood.

Sustainable mobility concept

Above ground, the neighborhood will be largely car-free, with underground parking garages to keep cars off the roads. We promote alternatives to private car ownership and are planning car and bike sharing facilities, plentiful bicycle stands and new and appealing footpaths and cycle paths.

Great construction, great climate

The building sector is responsible for around 40% of CO2 emissions. As such, new residential construction can serve as an important impetus for climate and environmental protection, and an opportunity to achieve a great deal in this area, right from the laying of the first stone. This is an intrinsic part of plans for the Martinshöfe site, resulting in buildings that meet modern energy standards. Crucially, BUWOG looks at the sustainability of building materials over the entire life cycle of a building, from the initial planning to the complete recycling of the materials. To accomplish this, BUWOG has joined Madaster, a digital library of building materials.

Madaster is a central global registry for materials, buildings and infrastructure and a platform to register, document and archive the materials used in construction. It simplifies the process of reusing materials, promotes smart design and avoids waste.

Most of the buildings will have green roofs, which ensure natural insulation and a pleasant living climate. Green roofs are also habitats for insects, birds and microorganisms and are important for rainwater retention. Green roof surfaces cool the air naturally when water evaporates via the leaves, thus ensuring a pleasant microclimate.