The redesign:

A new and sustainable urban neighborhood for people of all ages is taking shape on the 3.7-hectare former Schuler site. The layout is inspired by the adjacent old town, with small clusters of buildings. There will also be attractive green open spaces, a walkable route to the city center for pedestrians, and space for restaurants and businesses, all right in the heart of Weingarten.

Balanced mix of rental and owner-occupied apartments
A total of around 500 apartments are being built across seven sub-projects. These include 381 rental apartments and 126 condominiums, ranging in size from one to five rooms and aimed at different target groups and ages.

Social concept
As part of the Alliance for Affordable Housing, 20% of all apartments will be rent controlled for people on low incomes. The go-to contact will be the neighborhood manager, who serves as an interface with the municipal council.

Great neighbors
Along with green open spaces where people can play, meet and relax, there are plans for a new neighborhood square. This will serve as a gathering place for the neighborhood, with a citizens’ contact point run by the Weingarten municipal council.

BUWOG Martinshöfe - Visualisierung
BUWOG Martinshöfe - Seniorengerechtes wohnen

Options for senior citizens

As part of the assisted living program, the development will offer 50 accessible apartments for the elderly. There will also be a daycare and common rooms.